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ay 06, 2019

    You will be required to sign our contract before leaving with a puppy. Please take the
    time to read it now.
  • UPDATE: You will now be required to digitally sign this contract after I receive your deposit.  It will be
    emailed to you and must be signed. The contract is available for viewing by clicking the link above.

    All of our adult hounds are AKC, CKC & APRI registered.  To protect our bloodlines, no AKC registration
    papers will be given.  
  • UPDATE: No registration papers will accompany pet only puppies.  ALL puppies are sold as pet only,
    unless breeding rights are discussed beforehand.  In order to obtain breeding rights, you must be an
    established breeder, show proof that all of your breeding dogs have been DNA tested for hereditary
    diseases, provide veterinarian references and pay an increased price.  

    All pet puppies are priced the same, no matter of coloring, parentage or gender.  Each puppy is $600 ($50
    deposit, $550 on pickup.)

    We make the puppies available for their new homes no earlier than 8 weeks of age.  If you want me to hold a
    puppy, until you get here, I will require a nonrefundable $50 deposit.  Your deposit goes towards the purchase
    price of the puppy.  If something happens to your chosen puppy (dies or becomes severely injured) while in
    my care, you will have the option of another puppy, or your deposit will be refunded.  Deposit refunds will
    only be given if the puppy is found to be unhealthy, is injured, dies, or is stolen.  If you change your mind,
    your deposit will not be refunded.

Only PayPal is accepted for deposits. You do not have to have a PayPal account to send a payment
through PayPal.
Cash only on pick up. NO EXCEPTIONS! I don't want to have to track down a puppy and repossess it
because of a bounced check!  
We will not accept anything other than cash for final payment, due on the day of pick up.
Please make sure to bring the correct amount. I cannot make change! And if you show up $50 or $100
short, you will NOT be leaving with a puppy.
Credit Cards are accepted through PayPal.
eChecks are accepted through PayPal.
Instant bank transfers are accepted through PayPal.
Debit cards are accepted through PayPal.
If the puppy is 8+ weeks when a deposit is paid, you will have 1 week to pick up the puppy. If a deposit is
paid before 8 weeks of age, you will have 1 week after it's 8 week birthday to pick up the puppy.

    When picking up your puppy, please let me know what day you expect to be here.  Let me know the day
    before that you are definitely coming the following day.  Call when you're around an hour away, so that I can
    take the food away from the puppy.  The puppy may get car sick, so it's a good idea to bring cleaning supplies.

    We do not ship our puppies.

    We have a strict requirement of all our guests....We ask that you do NOT go to see other puppies, anywhere, in
    the same day before coming to our home. This is how Parvo Virus gets spread! It is a little safer if the puppies
    have been vaccinated, but it isn't 100% safe until the puppies have received their "entire series" of
    vaccinations. After weaning, puppies will receive vaccinations every 3 weeks until 16 weeks of age.  
    Until the ENTIRE series of vaccines are finished, the puppies can still catch Parvo and other deadly
    contagious diseases!

    We will not accept visitors to our home before the puppies have had their first vaccinations. This is done for
    the protection of the puppies.  As stated above, visitors may track in germs on their clothes and shoes like
    Parvo, which is a highly contagious and very deadly virus. The most common way puppies get Parvo, is from
    people bringing the germs to them on their clothes and shoes. Even if you have not been around other
    puppies, the germs can still be picked up from contaminated side walks and grass and then tracked in on
    your clothes or the soles of your shoes. Parvo can live on the ground for up to 6 years. Bleach is the only
    thing that kills the germs in the environment. You will notice that many other breeders that are careful will
    implement this same policy. I am sure you will appreciate this policy if you are purchasing a puppy from us!

  • Until the new owner has taken possession of the agreed upon puppy, the puppy is my property,
    and I will care for it as I see fit.
We have no puppies available.