All buyers will be required to sign our digital contract after paying a deposit.
Re-Home Policy:
If circumstances are such that a puppy does not work out in its new
home, or circumstances arise where the person can no longer care for
their adult dog, we are happy to take the puppy or adult dog back until a
new home can be found, but we do not offer exchanges or refunds.  So
please give serious thought to your decision to purchase.
The following agreement is between Angela Holt, hereafter referred to as “Seller” and ____________________________________________________ hereafter
referred to as “Buyer” for the sale and purchase of one Basset Hound puppy.

The seller gives the Buyer a 1 year guarantee against genetic health defects. The 1 year guarantee expires on the dog’s 1 year birthday.   The Seller also gives a
72 hour health guarantee against life threatening illnesses. The Buyer agrees to take the puppy to a licensed Veterinarian to have it examined (at Buyers cost)
within 48 hours (holidays and weekends excluded) or the guarantee is void.  If the puppy is found to have a life threatening illness that will cause death or if the
puppy dies within the 72 hour guarantee time, the Buyer must notify the Seller at once with the following information:
    •        Name, address and phone number of the licensed Veterinarian who examined the puppy
    •        The diagnosis and all medical records
    •        If puppy dies in the Buyer’s care, proof of death is required. Autopsy if needed
    •        If the Buyer decides to have the puppy treated for a life threatening illness instead of returning the puppy, the Seller will not be held responsible
    for any Veterinary bills and this guarantee becomes void.

The Buyer needs to make arrangements to bring the puppy back to the seller (at buyers cost) within 48 hours from the date of diagnosis with the requested
information and all paperwork provided by the breeder.

The Seller will then take the puppy to her Veterinarian and if the same life threatening illness is confirmed or death occurs as a result of a life threatening illness, the
seller will refund the price of the puppy at that time. If it is found that the puppy does not have a life threatening illness, the Buyer may take the puppy back and pay
all related Veterinarian costs. If the Buyer declines to take the puppy back, no refund will be given.

The Seller is not responsible for associated changes which may occur with moving a puppy to a new home: mental stress, low blood sugar, loose stools or coccidia,
which can be caused by stress and can develop within hours in transport and has nothing to do with good or bad breeding.

The puppy is not guaranteed against diseases such as Parvovirus, Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Bordetella and Lyme Disease.
It is the new owner’s responsibility to stay up to date with the puppy’s vaccinations. No vaccine is 100% guaranteed. A puppy can still catch a contagious disease,
and most likely WILL catch it if around a dog that suffers from the disease. Please do not have your puppy out in public, at pet stores, parks, etc. until the complete
set of vaccinations is done. When visiting your vet, keep the puppy in a pet carrier at all times.

This guarantee does not apply to whipworm, roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, coccidia, giardia, vaginitis, bladder infections, urinary tract infections, undescended
testicle(s), hernias and overshot or undershot bites, as all of the above aforementioned can be common in puppies and do not affect the longevity or long term
quality of life of the puppy.

The puppy is not guaranteed against food and environmental allergies.  Just like with humans, a dog can have an allergy against anything.

A breed standard of the Basset Hound is their slightly sunken eyes with sagging lower eyelids.  This characteristic makes the basset hound susceptible to eye
conditions that include Entropian, Ectropian or Cherry Eye.  Entropian is a rolling inward of the eyelids.  This may allow the eyelashes or hair around the eyes to rub
against the cornea, causing discomfort and constant tearing.  Ectropian is an eversion, or turning out of the eyelids.  “Cherry Eye” or Glandular hypertrophy is simply
an enlargement of the gland of the third eyelid.   A veterinarian may determine that surgical correction is necessary with any of these eye problems.  The seller does
not guarantee against Entropian, Ectropian or Cherry Eye, which are common in dogs with sunken eyes and sagging eye lids.

The puppy is not guarantee against Panosteitis, also known as Pano, which is a short-lived (self-limiting) and painful condition characterized by limping and
lameness, and is quite often misdiagnosed in Basset Hounds.  It is often described as “growing pains.”  Before any surgical procedure is done on your Basset, I
highly recommend getting a second opinion from a vet that is knowledgeable with Basset Hounds.

The Buyer must keep the puppy current on all vaccinations for the health guarantee to be valid.

By accepting this puppy, the Buyer has agreed that all vet care is their responsibility from this day forth.

The Buyer agrees that the puppy/dog must be spayed or neutered before the age of 12 months from the date of birth.  The Buyer understands that this is a pet only
dog.  The Buyer agrees not to breed the puppy/dog at any time. If the Buyer breeds the puppy/dog, without express written permission of the Seller, the Seller has
all rights to take back the ownership of the dog and any puppies produced will revert back to the Seller and the Buyer shall pay a fee of $1000 for breach of
contract, plus the cost of any veterinary care needed due to the dog being bred. The Buyer will not be compensated in any way for dam or the puppies, nor will be
Buyer be due any type of registration papers whatsoever then or in the future.

The puppy may not be transferred, sold or placed into any other contractual arrangement by the Buyer to a third party under any circumstances without written
consent from the Seller. The Buyer shall never abandon this dog, transfer to a shelter, sell/transfer to a research center, or sell/transfer it to a pet shop or persons
contemplating breeding, to commercial distributors, or resellers of animals. If it is found that you have transferred ownership of the dog, in any way, without written
approval from Breeder you will pay to the breeder the original cost of the dog plus $500 for breach of contract.

This guarantee is not transferable and only applies to the person listed as the Buyer in this agreement.

This agreement is governed under the laws of the State of Tennessee and may not be altered, modified or rescinded unless agreed to in writing by Buyer and Seller,
and any actions resulting from non-compliance of the agreement will be settled in the County of ________, in the State of Tennessee. Buyer will be held liable for all
legal fees and court costs. Any placement costs, maintenance costs, boarding, medical and associated miscellaneous costs related to this puppy/dog will be the
responsibility of the Buyer. This Agreement is made and signed by both parties to insure the well being and protection of this dog.

Date of transfer:______________________________________________________ at the location of

Puppy’s date of birth: ___________________________________________________  Puppy’s gender: ______________________________________

Puppy’s call name: _____________________________________________________                            

Purchase Price:________________________________________________________

Buyer’s Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Buyer's Signature: _____________________________________________   Seller's Signature: ___________________________________________________
Our Contract: